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The one and only secret for finding real love

The dating world can oftentimes be a very cruel place, with some searching for the ‘one’ and the rest on the lookout to just find some form of companionship. Real love is very had to find and many people eventually even give up on its existence. However, giving up is surely not the solution. Real Love is something that should be experienced by all, that overwhelming feeling of not being able to live without someone, the endless joy of having someone alongside you for eternity – these are all things that are exciting and wonderful in their own way!

Be yourself

However, most of us ruin our chances at finding real love due to a wide variety of reasons. Some of us are too controlling in our relationships, not allowing the chance for our partner to breathe. Others may pretend to be someone they’re not, in order to get closer to them. The thing is, Truth always comes out. You may get away with it for two days, a month, 3 years maybe even. But you cannot really change who you are!

Lying to yourself about things is one of the worst things you can possibly do. ‘Pretending’ to be someone you’re not in the hopes of finding the one isn’t going to work, no matter how hard you try. Your past always catches up and your real self always shines through. Why be in a relationship where you have to be fake anyway?

One Secret: Respect and Listen to your Partner

Quite literally, real love comes to those who are their authentic selves around that one person. Love literally hits like a million miles per hour and creeps up on you without you even realizing it! All that needs to be done is to create an environment that is based on respect and authenticity. Allow your partner to be who they are and let your personality shine through!

It is very important to make your partner feel comfortable when they’re around you. All humans have a need to be understood, to be heard. It is extremely important to listen to your partner, understand what they’re saying and to have those real meaningful conversations that really make all the difference!

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2 years ago

Very interesting 🧐

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