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Why do U think you will never find a partner? (and why you are wrong)

Some people are painfully shy, insecure, and can be easily described as introverts. They don’t believe that anyone would see anything worthy in them so they push people away because of the fear of being rejected by someone that they like. Also, when a person fails to find the right partner for themselves, they start to question everything about their existence. Looking for all the reasons why someone wouldn’t want to be with them, digging a huge hole of darkness for themselves. This leads to feelings of being unloved and lonely. As far as feeling unloved is concerned, a lot of people might believe that this is because nobody is giving them love. However, wouldn’t it be safe to state that you might be feeling unloved because you closed yourself off to the chance of getting love? Maybe the only thing in your way of finding the right partner is you.

The reason that you haven’t found a partner yet might be because you have become more insecure lately. It might be based on some recent failure of a relationship or because of rejection of some kind, which forced you to look at yourself in a different light. Different kinds of life events harvest different insecurities. Gaining or losing a significant amount of weight or going through skin troubles can make you question your self-worth. The only way you will feel less insecure and more confident is through self-acceptance. In today’s world, the most attractive thing is confidence! Always feeling self-conscious, anxious, and worried about your appearance might be one of the major hindrances in finding a partner for yourself. Wear your confidence like a crown!

Are you confident but still find it difficult to find a partner? Maybe because you perceive things in a manner that isn’t too welcoming. It might be possible that you are unintentionally giving off a somewhat untrusting and negative vibe. It’s understandable that after a few betrayals, one might be extremely cautious of who they are getting involved with but you have to remember that everyone is in search of someone they can be vulnerable with and feel safe. Similarly, your partner would want to be the same for you as well. This is a two-way street! the more open you are with him/her about your feelings, the easier it would be for both of you. Be open to the idea of being vulnerable with the person that you like, let them see your soft side. Remember, you get what you give!

Lastly, the belief that you have that you might not be able to find the right partner for yourself is the only blockage that there is in your way. It is because of this thought, you make things harder for yourself and for the person you want to get involved with. Have faith in nature’s plan and the fact that there is a perfect partner for you out there.

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2 years ago

I really relate to this article!
Thanks for the uplifting words🌺