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Why is it so hard to recover from a break up?

Love is probably the strongest emotion that one might feel. The feeling of being ecstatic, being important to someone, having hopes, and having someone that you would want to share everything with. You feel full of life and supercharged just because of that one person. Even your body starts producing more dopamine and norepinephrine, which in its way, is telling you that your body is happy and content. Now imagine, all of that excitement just goes away one day! You cannot talk, listen to or see that person who was the chief source of your happiness. You enter the mourning state, feeling of helplessness and despair surrounds you as if someone had just died. It makes sense for you to be that way because we do mourn for something that isn’t alive anymore. Breaking up is the death of a relationship for most. A relationship that you once cherished and thought that it would last forever. The feelings that you feel after a breakup is not something that is in your head. It affects you physically, emotionally, and leaves you feeling scared.

Physical impact

Feeling of things knotting up in your stomach, but somehow it still feels empty. You feel physically sick like you are running a fever and you secretly hope that it is because that would mean its fixable and will get better as soon as you take some medicines but, No! Your eyes are always a little watery and tired, even though you haven’t been crying. Your body shows every sign of being exhausted, defeated, and broken. All these feelings are not just in your head, A study has shown that when someone goes through a breakup, they produce low neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin that are connected to feelings of pleasure and happiness.

Emotional impact

Losing a partner who wasn’t just a love interest but also a friend that you could talk to about anything feels like you don’t have a single soul around you that you could talk to. You reject the idea of talking to a friend about this or getting any sort of help because being by yourself feels more comfortable at that moment. You become distant, moody, mostly furious at anything and everything. Not seeking help can easily push you towards depression or having suicidal thoughts. It takes a toll on your emotional well-being!

Impact of your state on your surroundings

We mostly talk about what YOU go through after a breakup, but no one talks about how your family, friends, or co-workers deals with seeing you so helpless and gloomy. Most people pick up on the vibe that you are giving, and if you feel heartbroken and angry at everything because of the breakup, you will give off the same vibe to others.

Breaking up does feel like an end of a part of your life and however, you are feeling right now would not last. All the depressing thoughts and feelings of desolation that you are experiencing are going to go away with time. The most important thing to remember is that you always have an option to talk to someone about your emotional state so that your wound heals. As comfortable as it feels, don’t isolate yourself for a long period. It is understandable that everyone needs time after such an emotional life event but knows when to get back out there.

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2 years ago

…took your advise… not to isolate time has come to have a new true partner…

2 years ago

My heart is broken…. after reading this article I understand that I’ve been not only through mental changes but also through physical changes …time will heal – hopefully…

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